‘A Poet and Didn’t Know It’ – Exploring Everbody’s Ability to Write

“Joy in looking and comprehending is nature’s most beautiful gift.” -Albert Einstein

Within modern society, there is a perception towards those who write; many people believe, that the writing is only for those who are of a ‘certain disposition’, and good poetry and prose, may only be achieved by few. Within this blogpost, I will explore, everybody’s ability to write:

Firstly, many people believe they cannot write, due to the fact that they do not try and engage, within the art of writing. As a result of not writing in a long time, many think that they are not very good at writing, or could not write any more.

This is untrue however, due to the fact that everybody has a uniquely style and form in writing, which may, if shared, be appreciated by many. In order to discover your potential you must attempt to write and share it, therefore allowing for it to be uncovered by all; you, have to write succesfully! In order to begin however, a growth mindset must be applied.

(Image taken from Humanos.org)

Secondly, one barrier which may also prevent an individual from writing, is theorising what to write. This is an issue, of which I have at times, and there are a number of ways in which it may be overcome:

– Looking at image compilations, or writing prompts. A good page, may inspire many ideas.

– Studying other writers’ work, and building an idea of what to write, upon other themes.

– Waiting for ideas to come to yourself. Sometimes, just looking out the window whilst travelling, or analysing the environment around you, may spark an idea!

To conclude this blog post, everybody, has the ability to write poetry and fiction – each person has a specific way of writing, that is yet to be appreciated.

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