‘Nature’ Writing Competition Results (and New Competition):

​”Punctuality is the virtue of the bored.” -Evelyn Waugh

Recently, I began a new poetry writing competition, upon the theme of ‘nature’ -within the competition, participants were challenged to write a haiku, following the standard syllabalic structure.

Although I had no entries to this particular competition, I would like to propose a new competition; thank you for your support of UpontheHearth.


There is a new writing competition, upon the theme of ‘imagery’.

Entries may be written in any form, however must be written based on the image below:

The winner of the competition, will be featured in all blog posts for two weeks, and other participants, will also be featured in an ‘review’ blog post.

To enter, please send me your work using the ‘Contact’ section of my blog.


The closing date for the competition is the 15th of August.


Thank you for taking part!