Ghost – Pt.1: Love

​”Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward.” -Victor Kiam

Startled, I stare into radiant sky, dusted light with the soul of dying light. Each hue, alluring yet suttle in the setting sun, collobarating; a canvas of pastel blue.

Tranquilized by the splendour of the sky above,  and filled with a sense of warmth from the day, I whisper intimately to the boy beside me “I love you.”

Thenceforward began the burgeon of my Summer…
(Please do not copy or reproduce this work without permission)

There is a new writing competition, upon the theme of ‘Nature’;

Entries must be written using the syllabalic structute of a haiku, however do not need to follow any other conventions of a haiku.

The winner of the competition, will be featured in all blog posts for two weeks, and other participants, will also be featured in an ‘review’ blog post.

To enter, please send me your work using the ‘Contact’ section of my blog.


The closing date for the competition is the 20th of July.


Thank you for taking part!


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