Author of the Fortnight: John Milton

“We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.” -Maya Angelou

John Milton, was a 17th century writer and poet, perhaps most famous for his Epic: ‘Paradise Lost’. During his lifetime, Milton also worked civil servant for the Commonwealth, under the guidance of Oliver Cromwell.
Born in London, within the district of Cheapside, Milton’s family consisted of his mother Sarah Jeffrey, and his father, John Milton, a composer. It was from his parents, that Milton’s passion for music was formed.

As a result of his father’s prosperity, Milton studied with a private tutor, until attending St. Paul’s School, within the city of London; this led to Milton being introduced to subjects, such as Greek, and poetry. This profoundly influenced Milton, within his later life.

Although Milton produced many poems during the earlier years of his life, John Milton published his first poem ‘On Shakespear’, at the age of 22.

The collection of poems responsible for Milton’s infamy, ‘Paradise Lost’, was completed in 1674.


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