Author of the Fortnight: William Blake

​”One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.” -Paulo Coelho

William Blake, was a British poet and printmaker, perhaps most famous for his contributions, within the ‘Romantic Era’ of poetry. Although, until recently unrecognised for his work, Blake is now accredited as one of the greatest poets of all time:
Born in 1757, within the London district of Soho, Blake was the third born, in a family of 7 siblings; from a young age, Blake attended school, being educated until he was able to read and write. This, was the result of an avid interest in art, therefore influencing Blake’s parents to enroll him in a school of drawing.

As a consequence of Blake attending a school of drawing, his dedication led to him becoming a professional engraver – this was the result of an apprenticeship from James Basire. Blake’s  first anthology ‘Poetical Sketches’, was published in 1783.


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