Medley #14: Book Review and Music

​”Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” -Thomas A. Edison

Titus Groan’ – Mervyn Peake:

‘Titus Groan’, by Mervyn Peake, is an enigmatic novel, structured around the birth of the young heir to the throne; following the genre of fantasy, it is a narrative of delicacy and bewitchment.

The characterisation and naming in the narrative, is similar as that of Dickens: many names of deep uniquity such as ‘Sepulchrave’ are used, in order make the characters memorable. The shrewd and meticulous nature of this description, contributes to the slowly unfolding plot of the novel.

“We are all imprisoned by the dictionary. We choose out of that vast, paper-walled prison our convicts, the little black printed words, when in truth we need fresh sounds to utter, new enfranchised noises which would produce a new effect.”

To conclude, many enigmatic pictures are painted throughout the novel, each contributing therefore to a bank of poignant imagery. Enthralling are the descriptions of which ink is shed, each drop painting a tableau of elegancy.  Titus Groan is a novel of brilliant execution…


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