“Success is not a good teacher, failure makes you humble.” -Shah Rukh Khan

She stared at the window, her sad youthful eyes looking back at her. Lonely, she whimpered into the seemingly protective corner of her seat. “I don’t need them!” She reassured herself.

Glancing solemnly across the aisle she noticed a family peacefully playing cards – she wished her family could have been like that. But they hadn’t…  Her father had beaten and bruised her, like a savage beast. And there was her mother. How she had absolutely despised her mother.

Dauntingly, she gave a thin smile at the children playing hide and seek in the barley grass. “Why did my childhood have to be discerned and ravaged? Until this point I could take my childhood in my stride, but now?” She sobbed pain prominent in her voice. As inquisitive eyes turned in her direction, she averted them, turning to the remedy of chocolate; at least it wasn’t anything else…

She sank, once again into the comfort of her seat. What did her future hold for her? Surely it would be something better than the diminishing weather?

Maybe, just maybe in this new town she could find her cornerstone. They could move in to a flat together, share the rent. Her thoughts began to ameliorate: maybe she could even have a baby? Mentally, she began to create a picture of blithe, a smile painting upon her face.

But her hopeful dreams shattered as she reached her destination….


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