A Visit To Catalonia: Park Güell, Barcelona

“The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.” -Michelangelo

Lately, on a visit to Catalonia, one of the true gems of Barcelona I discovered was Park Güell. My visit to the place was one of the highlights of the trip, thus leading me to share my experience with you. Thank you for taking your time to read UpontheHearth…

Located in the outskirts of the city Barcelona, Park Güell, is one of the architectural wonders of the city. Designed by the infamous architect Antoni Gaudi, it was originally designed as a living complex, however the stunning park now exists as a cultural landmark, and tourist attraction.

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crossArchitecturally, Park Güell is a place of contemporary splendour; taking into account the time of its construction, the masterpiece which was made is one of awe. Towering spires of mosaic sing high above the city, and carved stone writhes it’s way into many-a delicate rose and arch. Park Güell has a large range of different constitution.

Two particular areas of beauty, are the stone arches, in the ‘Monumental Zone’, and the Cross on the Hill, which lies outside. Both boast spectacular views, however it is the later that provides a view across the entire city.









From the images, it is hard to imagine the scale and size of the wonders in reality, although in person, all seems much larger than it actually is; I apologise for not being able to provide a photograph for scaling.

As it stands, Park Güell is an amazing place, of wonder and splendour…


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