Fragments and Writing:

“Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?” -Frida Kahlo

An air of expectancy

The creaking of a voluminous gate,

The first crunching of bay leafs underfoot

Hunting through the acres of padded playroom

A ground dusted with  powdered snow.


At first, the ideas portrayed above may seem non-nonsensical and dis-organized. If the fragments of text are re ordered however, a whole new piece of writing may be developed.

One technique which is growing in popularity by authors, is the act of writing in fragment. At first, one may develop their ideas in an unstructured and creative format, therefore allowing ideas to be brewed. These fragments of texts may then be converted into a cohesive and interesting piece of fiction.

Down below, you may read an organised version of the fragments above:


There is an air of expectancy, as I pull open the creaking voluminous gate. As I stride across the playground, the crunching of bane bay leaves underfoot becomes poignant; divergent from the snow dusted landscape. Nervously, my heart rate increases, drawing closer to the children in front of me, who are making graceful angels within the rugged layers of snow.

Nothing could prepare for the wonders of the padded playroom…


Although my story is not a particularly successful version of fragmentation (as I refer to it as), the technique may be used to create an innovative and exciting piece of writing. Fragmentation is definitely something I recommend, especially when time allows it.


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