Medley #9: Flash Fiction and Music

“Power is always dangerous. Power attracts the worst and corrupts the best.” -Edward Abbey


The Knight and the Damsel:

Contortedly, the tower rose from upon the rugged ground; clouds billowed from the hearth of red sky. Prevailing from his battle with the dragon, the knight began his climb up the asperous hill.

“Soon… I shall be with you my love,” he whispered.”We will meet again my heartfelt desire.”

Nearing the top of the adamantine stairs of the tower, the shallow breath from the threshold grew closer; soon the two lovers could be together!

“You have cometh!” Shrilled a voice from beyond the steps – jocularity filling the air, as the admirers grew closer.

Almost drooling with delight, the knight’s voice replied: “Yes, I have cometh.  Already now, I may sense you. Your fragrance sweeter than honeysuckle and the amassing springtime dew.  Already now, I may feel your touch: your skin smoother than the finest silk. Already now, I may taste you, your -”

“I may be irresistible.” She cried, “But I am not suitable for consumption.”

Opening the door, the knight fell to his knees like an obedient dog, metal armour ravaging the ground below him.  The radiant smile of the damsel shone, lighting up the gloomy tower room. Lovingly, he whispered “Elope with me.”

Leaving the girl disconsolate and helpless, the knight grabbed the chocolates, retracing his previous steps…


Carol of the Bells – Trans Siberian Orchestra:

Although this piece is derived from two Christmas songs, I chose it due to the fact that it is a truly exhilarating and haunting piece of music: it really is a beautiful score.

I apologise for the captions and quality of the video, however it was the only uploaded version of this song I could find.



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