“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” -Socrates

A single tear glazed eye

Fixes upon the decaying flower.

One drop of stunning erubescent,

Among a field of mottled brown.


It drifts towards the ground,

Dancing through the empty air,

Tear falling


(Please do not copy or reproduce this poem without permission)


There is a new creative writing competition on the theme of ‘The Future’.

The piece may follow any format, such as poetry or non-fiction, providing that it totals less than 2500 characters (not including the title or any footnotes).
All participants will have their work shared and blogs linked to, however the winner’s work will be featured and blog linked to for a fortnight.
To enter, please use the contact section, or email me at:

The deadline for the competition is the tenth of February…
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The previous winner’s blog: https://gingershouts.wordpress.com/