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“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.”  -William Arthur Ward

Sometimes whilst blogging, you may find that you write a post which is especially distinctive or unique to you; a piece that you would like to share with everybody you can.

I am writing this post in order to allow you to share your favourite work, of an appropriate nature and content, with everyone. As a result, you may find that more people discover your blog or you find a new blog in which you are interested in yourself.

Thank you for reading UpontheHearth and allowing the blog to reach 100 followers. I would like thank everybody for being part of the journey.



There is a new creative writing competition on the theme of ‘The Future’.

The piece may follow any format, such as poetry or non-fiction, providing that it totals less than 2500 characters (not including the title or any footnotes).

All participants will have their work shared and blogs linked to, however the winner’s work will be featured and blog linked to for a fortnight.

To enter, please use the contact section, or email me at:


The deadline for the competition is the tenth of February…

Thank you for taking part!


The previous winner’s blog: