25 Word ‘Childhood’ Writing Competition Winner (and New Competition)

“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.”  -Og Mandino

Recently, I began a 25 word and under writing competition on the theme of ‘Childhood’: participants where challenged to write a piece which may of consisted of any format or style, therefore allowing it to be a diverse contest.

It is with great pleasure I announce the winner of the competition…

‘Childhood’, by GINGERSHOUTS, is a beautiful piece, both short and powerful. It teaches us that happiness lies in the present and no matter what happened in the past, we should just let go…



Smiling faces

Dreamy eyes

Millions of questions demanding answers

Not knowing what the future holds

Forgetting the past

Childhood is all about living the present


GINGERSHOUTS’ blog may be viewed here: https://gingershouts.wordpress.com/


On another note, there is a new creative writing competition on the theme of ‘The Future’.

The piece may follow any format, such as poetry or non-fiction, providing that it totals less than 2500 characters (not including the title or any footnotes).

All participants will have their work shared and blogs linked to, however the winner’s work will be featured and blog linked to for a fortnight.

To enter, please use the contact section, or email me at:



The deadline for the competition is the tenth of February…

Thank you for taking part!


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