Author of the Fortnight: Isaac Asimov

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Isaac Asimov was an an American author and professor of biochemistry, most famous for his science fiction novels. His most famous works include ‘I, Robot’and ‘The Caves of Steel’ and in addition to this, he also wrote historical fiction, during his time.

Born Isaak Osimov, he was brought up by his parents Anna Rachel and Judah Asimov. At the age of 3, Asimov and his family emigrated to America, moving to Brooklyn, New York. After teaching himself to read at the age of 5, his mother insisted that he enrolled in school and Asimov entered first grade, a year before he was supposed to. By the age of 8, Asimov had found his passion for reading and started writing stories of his own.

After graduating from high school at the age of 15, Asimov went on to begin a¬†university course in zoology. As he disagreed with the morals of ‘dissecting an alley-cat’, Asimov changed his subject to chemistry, later going on to receive a PhD in biochemistry.

As well as writing science fiction, Asimov also wrote scientific non-fiction for a large part of his life: one of his most famous pieces of work was the ‘Laws of Robotics‘. In this, Asimov stated what rules robots should abide by.


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