Haiku Competition Results (And new competition):

“Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers” -Alfred Lord Tennyson

Recently, I postponed the date for the Haiku Writing Competition: although many were interested, nobody entered however. As a result, I have decided to propose a under 25 words  writing competition; however if there is any haiku you would like to share, please write it in the comments.

The  theme for the 25 words  writing competition is childhood. It may be completely fictional or an account from your own childhood.

The winner, selected by me, work will be published on my blog and also I will link their blog in my post for the following fortnight.

To send me your writing use the contact section at the top to send it to me or alternatively email it to: uponthehearth@gmail.com

The deadline  is the 10th of January.


Thank you for participating!


On another note, as this is my last post before the 27th December, I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas. If you do not celebrate, I hope you stay well this Winter; thank you as always for reading my blog.