“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud” -Maya Angelou

You brought light into my shadows,

Eclipsing suffering pain.

Your luminosity engulfing me,

Burning up, my tears a-flame.


A tsunami, I filled your days,

With contentment and joy.

A tide of peace and healing,

Patching up your wounds.


As a result of your capriciousness,

Your light began to flick.

Your promise of a candle in the dark,

A casted little trick.


Like tides my mind did changed,

Your life began to swell.

Your lies pouring into me,

Filling up the tank, deep dark and well.


Melting wax,

Rising water.

Both lives



The deadline for the haiku writing competition has been postponed…

The haiku may be follow the normal syllable pattern 5 7 5 or traditional Japanese style. For assistance with this click here.

The competition will run up to the 20th of December and may follow any theme. The winner’s work will be published on my blog and I will link to them in all posts for a fortnight.
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