This Year: UpontheYear

2016 has been an eventful year: the election of Donald Trump, Brexit and the 2016 Olympics in Brazil have all taken place. For many, this year has brought both happiness and tragedy into our lives. Thousands see it as a year to forget, however others view it is a year to rejoice.

It was on a sombre, caliginous,  October evening  however, (the 11th to be precise) that one person wrote this:

Who am I? Why am I here? I have a passion for books, for my family. I have dreams, I have aspirations. I am merely a student, but my potential could be exponential.

It was from this point that my blog grew. Through bitter November mornings the shoot of UpontheHearth pushed through the frost-ravaged soil and continued its nourished growth through the ides of December. Still, the far from blossoming flower grows. A flower grown in the garden of love and support…

I would like thank every reader for the support of my blog; your evergreen backing. Since the 11th of October, UpontheHearth has received over 1100 views, 280 likes and 25 comments – thank you greatly for them all.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate, and to everyone I would like to wish you a happy, eventful year…

(Please not this isn’t the last post this year: this is just a summary of what has happened. Thank you.)



The deadline for the haiku writing competition has been postponed…

The haiku may be follow the normal syllable pattern 5 7 5 or traditional Japanese style. For assistance with this click here.

The competition will run up to the 20th of December and may follow any theme. The winner’s work will be published on my blog and I will link to them in all posts for a fortnight.
To enter, either message me your entry using the contacts section or alternatively, email me:

Thank you for taking part!


2 thoughts on “This Year: UpontheYear

    1. Thank you for sharing this, Darco. In comparison with many others, this year certainly wasn’t the worst but wasn’t the best either. It’s always good to end the year on an optimistic note: thank you for sharing this with me.


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