Does life exist after death?

The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them. -Ernest Hemingway

During life, everybody will experience death in some way, whether it applies to a loved one or a friend. Unfortunately, death is inevitable and unavoidable.

A major philosophical debate that has puzzled many for millennia is ‘does life exist after death?’. This post will analyse a number of theories about life after death.

Firstly, the majority of major religions have an idea about life after death. These ideas vary greatly: for example, Muslims may believe that people go to Jannah, a form of heaven, whereas Hindu’s may believe that people are re-incarnated. Each of these beliefs revolve around the fact that status after death relies on a person’s actions during their life. As a result, many people find the idea of an ‘afterlife’ a motive to rely on – it gives meaning to their lives.

On the other hand, people may believe that as there are so many forms of an afterlife, which should they rely on? Is any religion a credible religion to abide by? In  addition to this, how do people know what the afterlife will be like? This is a major issue for some people.

Secondly, I like many others believe not in an afterlife. Instead people may live on through memories of others and love. Those close to us will acknowledge us and pass our thoughts on. Someone such as Mozart may have much more influence however, due to the fact that He and His work is more widely known.

Recently, I found this quote which follows the same idea as what expressed abomemories-live-1ve. The thought that death may not end a relationship is an interesting one – a strong relationship with a person after death WILL never die. The love may be carried on through thoughts or mourning.

A number of people believe in the afterlife due to ‘near-death experiences‘. This is where a person has died however they have been revived and has experienced a ‘glimpse of heaven’.

There are a number of people who see this as very genuine evidence although many people also believe it is not. Could the person of confused dreams with reality? Did the brain become ‘messed up’ after death? People do not believe them likely.

To conclude, there are many beliefs about life after death. There are many theories on it but still the question remains…


Does life exist after death?


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  1. According to me life do exist even after death. Physically the life of a person does not exist but it does in the form of memories, their love and above all due to their deeds(good or bad).

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