Medley #5 (Super Mario Maker 3ds Game Review and Music):

​”Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” -Plato

Super Mario Maker 3ds Review:

Super Mario Maker for the 3ds and 2ds consoles is a revitalisation of the original game for the Wii U. It incoporates a number of new elements such as the levels pre-made by Nintendo and sharing via Streetpass.

Currently, I have only experienced only a small number of courses and creative modes, however it has been a fantastic experience so far. Nintendo’s courses are very innovative and have definitely brought more playtime into the game. On top of this, my favourite part of the game may be the course creator where you may begin creating your own adventures.
Despite the fact many complained about not being able to share online, I do not feel this makes a major difference to the game. I am not currently interested in sharing online, however I can see it being added to the game.

To conclude, Super Mario Maker 3ds breathes new life into the franchise. It incorporates a number of new challenges, with a fantastic in-game editor. I definately reccomend picking it up this Christmas. 9.4/10

We’re Walking In The Air:

I chose this piece for the medley this week, due to the fact it is such a beautiful piece of music. In addition to this I also performed it in a concert last night: if possible, I may upload an audio clip of the performance.

There is a new creative writing competition on the theme of haiku:
It may be follow the normal syllable pattern 5 7 5 or traditional Japanese style. For assistance with this click here.
The competition will run up to the 10th of December and may follow any theme. The winner’s work will be published on my blog and I will link to them in all posts for a week.

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