The Dobbenmore:

“People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.” -Anton Chekhov

The Dobbenmore a whyly beast,

Kprunking along searching for a feast….


A grapoling creature with eyes of fire,

Swiping for creatures this game cannot tire.

Feared by men, devourer of all,

Charged crungaly along, this shall be a ball.


Fastly enough the tilopine thin,

The drembal Dobbenmore approaches for him.

A battle royale this one shall be,

The Dobbenmore is crantiful, flunch and free,

The Dobenmore abailes, approaching thee.


The Lodod senses the Dobbenmore unrest,

Old enemies re-united here a-breat….


The creatures charge upon the moor,

One lets out a flumbly roar.

Lodod with his claws ejected,

Ripped out his heart death respected.


So there upon the floor,

The Dobbenmore’s plan is flaw.

Laid upon the moor to rest.


Lodod a glorious hero stemine,

Glorified creature, tale of time.


(Please don’t copy or reproduce this poem. It is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s ‘The Jabberwocky’.)


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