A Trip To Oxford:

“There’s only one thing more precious than our time and that is who we spend it on” -Leo Christopher

At the weekend, a few others and I went on a trip to oxford: I had only visited once before and the marvel of the architecture astounded me. This time, even more so! There are many fantastic museums and buildings, but on top of that, also many natural green areas. It really is a city of variety.

Firstly, in contrast with the area in which I live, the ‘upscaleness’ and architecture was astounding, particulary within the heart of the city. Looming stone sculptures and sprawling colleges surrounded me, for almost the entirety of my trip. The intelleRadcliffe_Camera,_Oxford_-_Oct_2006.jpgctuality of the City I visited was prominent.

Some colleges, such as Christchurch are definately worth a visit. For fans of Harry Potter, Christchurch contains some areas where it was filmed. Another interesting bulding, although its interiors are inaccesable
to non-card holders, is the Bodleian Library.


Although it does not paint a good light on the city, there was also much more poverty in Oxford, especailly in contrast to where I come from. This may be because of my background, however I found homelessness to be a much bigger issue in Oxford. It did puzzled me that some people had laptops however.

To conclude my trip to Oxford was a rather interesting one. I do reccomend you visit there, if you get the chance, as it is a very unique and interesting city. Definately worth avisit again.










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