Christmas is Coming…

“Christmas is coming,

The goose is getting fat…”

These words seem rather appropriate at this time. Christmas is coming, however has Christmas become a time of corporation and media?

Already, shops have their trees and fancy lights, blackmailing us to ‘spend, spend spend’! The shelves are stocked and chocolates boxes are piled high. The ‘finest’ mulled wines have appeared and the ‘greatest’ mince pies are in stock.

Christmas may have become a time of material goods, rather than one of compassion and family: Kit the cat’s advent calender may just be a money making scheme, from a big company. The idea of Christmas seems to manipulates are thoughts so we ‘must buy’.

No longer are the days where we huddle round the fire, cosily and happily. The children playing with eachother contently, and the basic roast dinner.

Things have changed, perhaps not for the better and perhaps not for the worse.