Palm Oil and Deforestation:

“​Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.”

Every day, a big part of a rainforest is cut down to make way for Palm Oil trees. Palm Oil is derived from the pulp and kernel of Palm Oil trees; commercially, it is a widely used product.

The rainforest hosts over 25% of the world’s wildlife. Every time deforestation happens, a living thing is lost. It may seem insignificant, just an ant or bee, but what if an entire rainforest is lost?

Some logging that goes on is also illegal. Sone corporations treat the rainforest with utter disrespect and have no cares for the animals there. This is just for a sum of money.

My challenge to you is to not eat any chocolate containing palm oils for the rest of this week. Even if that’s to long, try not to have a nibble this evening.
This symbolises that we shouldn’t be bound to material possesions and stuffs. 

A large producer of oxygen, harbourer of life, the source of many medicines and part of our planet is at stake. Try not to eat chocolate for the remainder of this week to show you care.   #ICare
I do not campaign against deforestation, although I do feel for this matter. The figures and facts strike me, as I’m sure it does you.

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