Jewels of The Jurrasic Coast Pt2. Church Ope Cove:

“Balance, peace and joy are the fruits of a succesful life. It starts witch recognising your own talents and finding ways to serve others by using them” -Thomas Kinkade

A hidden gem tucked into a tiny corner of Portland, Church Ope Cove is an amazing pebble beach with fascinating surroundings. Rufus Castle is a derelict 15th century blockhouse overlooks the beach and on top of that St. Andrew’s Church lies upon the hill which also harbours nearby ‘pirate graves’.

The beach, which can only be accessed by many steps is a secluded natural cove. There are few beachouses however these are rarely used, apart from in the Summer season where it is still quiet. A really great location which I recommend.

Although there are 2 paths, I took the path running beside Pennsylvania Castle. I was greeted with a stunning autumnal scene, depicted in picture 1. The leaves billowing off the trees and the crunching leaves underfoot gave me nostalgia of a true Autumn’s day. The scene was empty yet full of life as the atmosphere was cognizant.

After a small yet picturesque walk through the copse, I was ‘led’ to an old enterance of St. Andrew’s Church.  Due to worries about its position on the cliff around 1734 the church was abandoned however the ruins are intriguing.

Some of the walls are left half intact and it contributes to building an image of what it would of been like. The church, by the looks of the ruins had quite a large space internally and as I’m aware it underwent many extensions during its period of existence.

To the left/right of the church (depending in which way you are walking) there are ‘pirate’ graves. However these graves are most definately of those who were lost at sea hence the skull and crossbones. With careful observation one could decipher what is written on the graves.

After some steps, and another few steps… And some more steps, I had reached a delta. As I was making my way to Cheyne Wears I went down towards the beach rather than going up towards an observation area and Rufus Castle.

After some more steps and a decaying yet beauteous floral scene I was on the beach. Waves came tumbling in, white horses skipping across the water; their breath flying across the beach.

Pebbles were tossed about and spray nestled within the rocks. The crashing, a cacaphony in the silence.

This was a  scene depicting the true ferocity of nature.


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