David Walliams Author Analysis (and book review):

If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter. -David Walliams 

David Walliams is a fabulous children’s author who is the fastest growing in the UK. His first book, ‘The Boy In The Dress’ was published in October 2008.

Some believe that he lives up to the ‘greatness of Roald Dahl’. I am familiar with works from both these authors and Indeed I feel that I prefer David Walliams’ novels.
Perhaps the most famous older children’s writer in the Uk, it is disputed whether Walliams actually writes his books. Some believe his books are ghost written however it is unknown whether they are or not. His books are bright, whitty and comical.

Mr Stink –

Mr Stink is a hilarious book which plays off of our expectations. We expect Mr Stink to be some ordinary old beggar, but this is completely different ! Recommended to those within the 7 – 13 age bracket.

I rate(d) this book four stars as although it was very appealing to some younger members of my family, I did not particularly enjoy this novel myself. In my opinion it is the weakest Walliams novel.