Creative Writing: ‘Detective Party Game’

Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going. -Sam Levenson

This is an initial, creative writing concept for a game DanielMayBlog and I are producing. Your ideas would be much appreciated.

The game boots up:

A somewhat jagged metal grate opens, revealing a button system below. A flashing panel is at the side. This is where the player may enter a nickname. If a person clicks on a thumbnail they may be scanned: their picture taken for game purposes (optional). The player then has options to begin the game (min. 4 players) or to remove an entered set of details. As well of this an information button is present. Clicking this will inform the player of the rules (to be followed up).

First Time Playthrough:

A short ‘transmission’ begins. An NPC(never mentioned again after this point: presumably he/she is dead) has a short text dialogue with the players:

“Can you read me?___ a048j/d__ Is there anybody there?

Hello survivors! Here on the ‘last voyage’ we are the last humans left.. And yes, are extinction is imminent too. The malicous ‘Dobgraben’ have infiltrated the mainframe, turning our own  robots against us! It is up to you to save us. Find the invader, and you will be rewarded” *Transmission cuts off.

It then goes into the game… 

The players then take their goes, player classes to come and the metal grate opens and shuts between players. They must press a button to enable their turn.

The background is in the metallic industrial style as is much of the rest of the interfaces.

After the outcome of events (who died) and the announcement of day number it is time for the voting proccess.

The players introduced with a red flashing alarm, at a reasonable speed. The time the players have to argue their innocence is displayed at the bottom. (This does not make sense currently although it will be explained shortly.)

The players then go into the frantic voting phase. Each player has 30 seconds each to cast their vote to who they believe is the infiltrator. If the vote is not cast within this time it counts towards their own tally. The background depicts an airlock door with space present outside.
The person with the most votes is consequently thrown of the spaceship. It is then revealed weither the eliminated player was the invader or not. If not the game continues however if they are the scoreboard is brought up. The players have a choice to then play again or quit.

Ideas for character classes:

Earthling – One of the final citizens of Earth, taken upon the voyage. No additional perks.

SpD guardian -A guardian from the SpD (Space police Departmemt) dispatched to protect the Earthlings. They may protect one player from harm.

SpD Teller -A beast employed by the SpD with the power to identify a player’s true identity. They make choose a player to check their identity.

LMM – (Longlife Munitions Machine) if a player is acting suspiciously they may be shot with a daunting laser. This means that they are unable to vote.

Note playing the game again is the same without NPC dialogue.

Please do not copy these ideas. Thank you as always for taking your time to read my blog.