Python: Hangman Project

“We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done..” – Alan Turing

This is a code made with Python, hangman. Hangman is a guessing game where two or more players are involved: One player writes a word, the other player(s) will consequently guess this. The guessing team have a maximum of eight wrong guesses before they are hung!

import random

# Make player 1 input a word.
word = input("Input your word and prepare to duel!\n")
# Player 2's guessed word, the length of the variable word in underscores
# For example, if player 1 said "hello", guessed_word is "_____".
guessed_word = list(len(word) * "_")

number_of_wrong_guesses = 0
maximum_wrong_guesses = 8

# List of phrases for guessing letters to add variety
guess_letter_phrases = ["Guess a letter or you shall perish!",
			"Enquire a letter or burn!",
			"I'm gonna pressure you for a letter!"]

# This checks the number of wrong guesses default and maximum guesses.
while number_of_wrong_guesses < maximum_wrong_guesses:
	print("Your guess so far is %s." % "".join(guessed_word))
	# Getting a letter from another player, get a random choice of phrase
	letter_guess = input("%s\n" % random.choice(guess_letter_phrases))
	print("Only %d guesses remaining!" % (maximum_wrong_guesses - number_of_wrong_guesses))

	# It verifies the user has only entered ONE letter,
	# else it repeats the loop.
	if len(letter_guess) != 1:
		print("Alrigh\' mate guess sensibly!\n")
		# Tracks whether a guess is correct/incorrect.
		correct_guess = False
		# Goes through the word, checking if letters == guessed letter.
		for letter_pos, letter in enumerate(word):
			if letter.upper() == letter_guess.upper():
				correct_guess = True
				guessed_word[letter_pos] = letter
		# Adds to incorrect word total if guess is wrong.
		if correct_guess == False:
			number_of_wrong_guesses += 1
		# Checks if they have correctly guessed the
		# word and therefore ends game if true.
		elif word == "".join(guessed_word):
			print("You are the winner, congratulations hero/heroine!\n")

# Checks if they have guessed too many times.
if number_of_wrong_guesses >= maximum_wrong_guesses:
	print ("Sorry, you did not prevail this time...\n")


In addition you could add:

  • A dictionary to verify the word exists.
  • Sets to ensure a player does not enter a letter more than once.
  • An option to also guess the word instead of individual letters.

(I may create a more advanced edition of this in the future)

In addition to myself, Daniel May ( assisted me in the making and development of this game. Many thanks to you!

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