Carniege 2016 Book Reviews:

“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.” -Truman Capote

In this post I will be reviewing some more of the Carniege 2016 books:

The Ghosts Of Heaven– Marcus Sedgwick

The ghosts of heaven is a brilliant book with vivid and immersive storyline; the book utmost is one of splendour and beauty. The book takes on four different stories each related on the subject of spirals, all of this put together creates a marvellous treasury of stories.
In my opinion, a beautiful collection of excellent stories. One of my favourite books..

One–  Sarah Crossan

One is a unique book which explores different writing styles and plot; it is an original book with ideas that have never been encountered before, within the text. Powerfully written, the text is sad, moving, honest and touching. The book is contemporarily written therefore giving a higher depth of realism. This makes One more insightful and strong. A truly excellent book.

Grace, the protagonist of the novel, is a conjoined twin with her sister Tippi. After many struggles at the time of birth, the book explores the hardships and dilemmas within the girl’s lives. After signing up for a television program Grace falls ill and Tippi is forced to support Grace. The pair have to come to the decision become separated and live as two or die…
This was an exemplary read and I would strongly recommend this book to anyone- I believe it may be one of the strongest contenders for The CILIP Carnegie Award 2016. A truly heart-warming tale of tradegy and loss. 

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